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 I'm born and bred a Memphian, believe Midtown is Memphis, and love living here. I spent 17 years of my life here before going off to school in Knoxville at the University of Tennessee (go Vols!). I went to UT having never planned to go there - yet when I stepped on campus my senior year of high school, I just knew it was home. It felt right. That's how I roll - instincts. And my instincts are usually not wrong. 

I got to UT, having no idea what I was going to major in, and signed up for History of Western Civilization. Coming in with 27 hours (literally), I had already taken most of the freshman coursework... so I sort of just got signed up for Western Civ since it was a distribution requirement. I got in the class and found myself enthralled by history. As I took more and more history courses, I knew that it had to be my major. But what to do with it? I wasn't sure until the summer before my senior year when one day, out of nowhere, I decided to be a teacher. My mom had been pressing me to pick up a minor in education for a while but I wasn't seriously considering it until that day. 

I got into the education program that fall and the next spring began my education minor. It was as if I was completely in the right place. Just like history classes had made me feel alive, education classes were doing it for me all over again. I was probably that annoying kid that sat on the front row, answered too many questions, and drove everyone crazy but I just was so interested in the topics that I couldn't help myself. I graduated with my Master's in Teacher Education (it is an M.S.) and sought jobs in Memphis. 

I was hired at a school that I had considered to be in my "top 3" choices for my specific school district back home. That sort of happened by chance. I was actually going to take another job and was going to sign those papers the day I had the interview at my school. I walked in, it felt like home, I felt good about the people I met with, and took the job. While it has been tough at times, I think that I'm in the right place doing the right thing. I leave some days exhausted but most days are good. I make connections with my students, I have interesting discussions about life, current events, and the coming of the end of the Earth (a favorite topic of theirs after seeing the movie 2012), and I enjoy my school. 

I find that I am still very passionate about education. I love reading about educational policy and actually have a blog geared completely towards education (ask me if you want the link - it isn't anonymous because I don't have anything bad to say but I don't want to plaster it all over here). In the future I'd love to write a column or book about education, my experiences as a teacher, and advice for future teachers. 

I am recently married to this guy, the love of my life since the 11th grade. Remember I said I go by my instincts? I know this is crazy, but back in the 11th grade, from the first time we started talking about a relationship, I knew that we'd be in it forever. He's a great friend, easy-going (to compliment me), and my constant companion. More about our love story on another page...

Family is very important to me. I've got a close relationship with both my parents. They are the best parents I could ever want. My brothers are the coolest guys I know and I love hanging out with them. They are both off at UT now too and I miss them but think the distance is good for their growth as young adults. I can tell how much they've changed even though they haven't been gone long. 

I love animals, especially my three. Beamer is our basset hound, Sebastian is our beagle basset rescue mix, and Tyson is our kitty cat. I'm one of those people who absolutely is obsessed with their pets - they sleep in the bed with us and everything. And I wouldn't have it any other way. 

Randoms about me: contrary to this picture, I HATE cold weather. I'd love for it to be 70 and sunny every day. I love the beach, long for a lake house to call my own, and strongly believe in Seasonal Affectiveness Disorder. I love to cook but usually let Jake do it because he's better. I am energized by shopping, crafting projects, friends, and good movies. My Myers-Briggs personality type is ENFJ but by N and S waver because I'm a true 50/50 (Intuitive and Sensing both) and I think I'm probably less extroverted now that I'm a teacher because I'm around people all the time.

Want to ask me a question? Contact me via email or find me on twitter - kathrynbeatrix


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