Friday, June 22, 2012

{Shopping}: Lust List, School Spirit Style.

So I mentioned before that I'll be at a new school in the fall. As sad as I am to leave my old school, I'm very excited about the new journey ahead. And when I get excited about something I respond the only way I know how - to shop for appropriate items that correspond with my new school colors and mascot!!

My new school's colors are yellow and black and their mascot is the bee and so away to etsy I went...therefore this lust list is devoted to all the things I want to go with my new school!

Honey Bee Metal Dog Collar for Harley Girl

Sweet Bee Banner (I'd ask them to customize it with the name of my school for the letters):

Initial Personalized Bee Necklace (with a k, naturally):

Also, no link for this, but I bought some Nike shorts (known among my friends as "norts") in the spirit of my new school - here's a stock image of them:

So here's to the new school spirit with the new school!

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

{Travel}: BFF Time in Nashville.

Over the past weekend I drove to Nashville to visit my BFF Elise, who just moved to Nashville after graduating with her Master's from Yale University. She's got herself a big kid job and her own apartment and I had to come check it all out. (You can read about our most recent adventure here)

I drove in and the first thing we did was take a little tour of her new apartment and snuggle with her pup Luna. After that, we headed out on the town. First stop was lunch at a total hipster place called Silly Goose in East Nashville.

They have sandwiches as their main feature (though it looks like at dinner that there are other options) and every sandwich comes with cous cous and a salad. I got the Bird, which is grilled chicken breast, sun dried tomato, avocado, bacon, and goat cheese on a rosemary focaccia bread. Especially after camp food this was the best sandwich I've eaten in my life.

I also ordered a basil lemonade tea, which was served in a mason jar - so hipster.

I loved their red metal chairs at some of the tables and the overall chic but chill vibe.

Then we went next door to this great little ice cream place called Jeni's. Their ice cream flavors were really eclectic and everything is made in house. I tried their signatures, which were a salted caramel and a bangkok peanut, but ultimately went with some coffee ice cream.

They also had tasty ice-cream based treats.

Push Pops!

After filling up on deliciousness we went over to an antique store called "Wonders on Woodland":

I only went home with one treasure but snapped pics of lots of fun things:

I LOVED these china hutches:

Elise has been looking for a double bed frame for some time now and we just happened upon this one. It was perfect and she already has it at home set up!

Purchases in hand, we headed back to her apartment because my friend Rachel was in town with two of her daughters for the older one's swim meet. Rachel came over to Elise's so I could meet her brand new baby, Lillian Daphne:

Luna was so funny with the baby. She kept sniffing and kissing her.

That night we went to do laundry at Elise's boyfriend's apartment. After putting one load in, we hit up Trader Joe's to make some dinner. We don't have a TJ in Memphis and I was having some serious grocery lust. It was glorious.

We got the makings for black bean and corn salad. Because of camp I was craving fresh food so we made this combo - black beans, corn, rotel, avocado, cilantro, and lime juice all mixed together.

And because I was craving it, we also stopped at Kroger and got stuff to make rotel dip (Trader Joe's does not sell Velveeta cheese, as you can imagine).

We then proceeded to have major bff time before going to sleep. I was on the road early the next morning. Fun times with my bestie!

In good friends,
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Monday, June 18, 2012

{Life}: Where I've been.

If you tried to come to my blog address for the past few days you'll know that I had disabled the blog for a while.

Sometimes life sucks.

And last week, life really sucked.

First of all, remember my beautiful new window that I was so excited about and did extra work at school so I could afford?

Well some jerk threw a brick at it in the middle of the night the other night. I'm not sure whether the intention was break-in or vandalism but it shattered one of the two panes (so thankfully no one could get in). We had to order another window completely because of the fact that it was tempered glass. 

The next day Jake took Beamer in for his vet specialist appointment because he was still in pain and the vet did a CT scan and found that he had a ruptured disc in his neck and had to go back for surgery. Sad sad, poor Beamer.

He's still at the vet being watched but the vet said he responded well to the surgery and is walking around. We should be able to pick him soon. 

To complete the trifecta of awfulness, Friday night my wisdom teeth started cutting in. According to x-rays from high school, I only have two and they didn't look like they were going to drop so I didn't get them taken out. And now they are coming in. So we'll see about that. 

So that's life for me right now. Here's to a new week!

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

{Camp}: Still here and doing great!

We're now done with Staff Week, Pre-Camp (our family camp), and are in the middle of Camp One (our senior camp). Time is flying but at the same time each day seems very long and full (isn't it funny how that happens?). I'm blogging about each of our days here over at our camp blog ( and you can see what sorts of fun we're having there.

We've been very busy - our to do list last Thursday was quite long:

But we've been playing too - here I am on a trip to Fred's (one of the few places on the Mountain to shop):

Friends came to volunteer for Pre-Camp and that was great. Here's a picture of Ellen taking a picture:

Here's some of the staff at Pre-Camp Registration:

So glad my buddies were here that weekend!

Chandler came up with her sister-in-law and niece:

And Brie came too!

We had gorgeous weather for Pre-Camp weekend:

There were seven Calvary families at Pre-Camp and it was so fun sharing camp with them!

We've had a ton of bats around this year. I thought this one was a frog at first until I walked up really close - he didn't move at all while I was there. He was actually pretty cute.

Camp One has been great. We've got good kids and I'm living in the cabin, which is really fun.

So there's your camp update from me! More later..

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