Monday, June 18, 2012

{Life}: Where I've been.

If you tried to come to my blog address for the past few days you'll know that I had disabled the blog for a while.

Sometimes life sucks.

And last week, life really sucked.

First of all, remember my beautiful new window that I was so excited about and did extra work at school so I could afford?

Well some jerk threw a brick at it in the middle of the night the other night. I'm not sure whether the intention was break-in or vandalism but it shattered one of the two panes (so thankfully no one could get in). We had to order another window completely because of the fact that it was tempered glass. 

The next day Jake took Beamer in for his vet specialist appointment because he was still in pain and the vet did a CT scan and found that he had a ruptured disc in his neck and had to go back for surgery. Sad sad, poor Beamer.

He's still at the vet being watched but the vet said he responded well to the surgery and is walking around. We should be able to pick him soon. 

To complete the trifecta of awfulness, Friday night my wisdom teeth started cutting in. According to x-rays from high school, I only have two and they didn't look like they were going to drop so I didn't get them taken out. And now they are coming in. So we'll see about that. 

So that's life for me right now. Here's to a new week!

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Gabbi @ Retro Ranch Reno said...

Wow, things really do happen in threes huh? I'm so sorry to hear about your very rough week!! Hopefully things start to turn around! :)

Kala said...

Wow Kathryn that really stinks. I'm glad they didn't get in and steal or mess anything up. I'm glad Beamer seems to doing better. I actually have all 4 of my wisdom teeth. One of them has fully dropped and is now acting like a regular molar. I go to a husband and wife team of dentists. The wife, my regular dentist, said I can wait until they start to bother me but her husband thinks I should just get it out. I think I'll wait. They aren't touching my wisdom teeth unless the knock me out.

Our Volunteer Family said...

Praying this week is much better!

Comeca Jones said...

Sorry about your window. I have watched you guys work really hard trying to make your space home and I know its really discouraging.Some people are just joy stealers. I too will be prayin that a little sunshine covers these cloudy days you've been having.

Reenie said... entire new!! Wish you could find out who did it. Hope Beamer gets better soon.


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