Wednesday, June 13, 2012

{Camp}: Still here and doing great!

We're now done with Staff Week, Pre-Camp (our family camp), and are in the middle of Camp One (our senior camp). Time is flying but at the same time each day seems very long and full (isn't it funny how that happens?). I'm blogging about each of our days here over at our camp blog ( and you can see what sorts of fun we're having there.

We've been very busy - our to do list last Thursday was quite long:

But we've been playing too - here I am on a trip to Fred's (one of the few places on the Mountain to shop):

Friends came to volunteer for Pre-Camp and that was great. Here's a picture of Ellen taking a picture:

Here's some of the staff at Pre-Camp Registration:

So glad my buddies were here that weekend!

Chandler came up with her sister-in-law and niece:

And Brie came too!

We had gorgeous weather for Pre-Camp weekend:

There were seven Calvary families at Pre-Camp and it was so fun sharing camp with them!

We've had a ton of bats around this year. I thought this one was a frog at first until I walked up really close - he didn't move at all while I was there. He was actually pretty cute.

Camp One has been great. We've got good kids and I'm living in the cabin, which is really fun.

So there's your camp update from me! More later..

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Our Volunteer Family said...

Our school nurse - Alison Boeving - and her daughter - Sophie - are in your picture! Love them :) Looks like y'all are having fun!


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