Monday, June 11, 2012

{Art}:CHB Tinworks.

Like I mentioned in my last post, my friend Charles Houston Beaumont, III has really developed as an artist in the last few years and his business is growing and expanding in big ways. When I was over at his house for dinner the other night I got to see his recent artwork. I took some sub-par pictures to share with the blogosphere because I was so impressed and wanted to spread the word.

CHB has a website, facebook page, and email.

CHB uses reclaimed metal found around for his work and sometimes paints the metal, sometimes presses patterns into tin. The roof tile with the painting of the building is of our main hall at camp, Claiborne Hall, made on an old clay roof tile from the roof they took down this summer when they replaced it.

CHB has been featured on PBS for his artwork and also had an art show at La Maison in Memphis. He does commissions and has pieces for sale - just email him or visit his site (linked above).

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