Tuesday, March 25, 2014

{Life} Spring Break 2014.

In addition to eating my way through Memphis, spring break also meant taking time to have some fun and get some things accomplished... like:

Beamer bath -

Zoo trip #1 with the Dale family:

Rocking out the fit bit with a combination zumba/zoo day:

Going to the Kroc for some zumba!

Round one at the vet - which brought bad news for our Sebastian:

Zoo trip #2 for break - we're members so why not?

Snuggles with Tyson, who has recently become quite the social cat:

Vet visit #2, this time for Beamer, who weighs a whopping 65 lbs.

Some Castle watching and dinner making at home (with a curious Beamer basset):

Babysitting my cousin's sweet Layla (she loves mac and cheese - who doesn't?):

Checked up on the duplex progress in the kitchen reno - new cabinets!

Saw some old friends at Waffle Shop for lunch!

Hosted Jake's family for dinner to celebrate his dad's birthday. Jake cooked a delicious meal and his sister provided the appetizer, salad, and potatoes:

(Steak de Burgo recipe from Cook's Country magazine):

Poor Sebastian was just back from his surgery to take out three mast cell tumors and didn't feel well:

Dinner preparation:

Colby brought Izzie, her puppy!

Filets from Charlie's Meat Market on Summer:

Making the pan sauce - cream, butter, garlic, white wine, basil, and oregano:

And the table:

More Sebastian in his poor cone:

Counters at the duplex!

See, spring break wasn't all food. Here's to a great break!

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Monday, March 24, 2014

{Life}: Foodie Memphis Spring Break.

This spring break I didn't go anywhere out of town - I'm traveling a lot for work this spring and was looking forward to some down time. So instead of spending money out of town, I decided to dedicate myself to visiting my favorite restaurants around Memphis and chronicling the journey.

We started out the weekend prior to spring break with some patio time at South of Beale:

Monday brought a date to Cafe Eclectic:

Tuesday we hit up the patio at Slider Inn:

Wednesday we lunched at Fino's:

Wednesday dinner meant Central BBQ (Downtown location):

Thursday was a treat. Every Lent my church, Calvary Episcopal, puts on the Lenten Preaching Series and Waffle Shop. My mom and I went to hear Becca Stephens, founder of Magdalene House and Thistle Farms, and ate at the Waffle Shop afterwards.

 At Waffle Shop you sit at community tables, the wait staff are all volunteers, and the recipes have been around for 90+ years. I got the spaghetti, my mom got the chicken salad. Desserts are a must - I got fudge pie, she got Boston cream pie, and my pal Ellen got peppermint ice cream.

As if fudge pie and spaghetti wasn't enough, Thursday night Jake and I went on a little mini Downtown restaurant crawl. We started at Local on their patio for drinks and appetizers.

The bar fries at Local are a must.

We also tried the fried pickles for the first time and I'm officially hooked. I happen to be a fried pickle connoisseur  and these are legit:

For the main course, we walked across the street to Aldo's for a vodka pepperoni pie. It is heavenly.

Friday for lunch we went to Chiwawa where the majority of my meal consisted of these amazing papas fritas (fries with cheese on top and a siracha ketchup). I also got the elote (corn with cheese) but it was so delicious it was gone before I remembered to snap a pic. Also - shout out to Chiwawa for holding my purse at the bar for two hours before I remembered that I left it. Super awesome service there!

Saturday we got our Mexican fix at Las Delicias:

Finally, Saturday night ended our break with our home away from home, Garabaldi's Pizza.

And that's how I ate my way through spring break... Luckily I love Zumba at the Kroc so I was able to counter the food with some aerobic exercise and somehow didn't gain any weight.

So, if you took a gastric tour of Memphis restaurants, where would you go? What did I miss?

In food and fun,

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Sunday, March 23, 2014

{Life}: Med School Match Day.

Last Friday was a big day around here - Match Day! In medical school, there's a day that rivals graduation in terms of excitement. While graduation is special because you're at the end of school, you're a real doctor, you're moving on, match day is all about where you'll be moving on to.

Jake and I were so excited to be able to share this day with our families and very relieved/happy/ecstatic that Jake matched to his first choice, here in Memphis!

The way the match works is that you apply to all sorts of programs (30+) in your area (Jake's is internal medicine) and then they invite you to interview. From there, you interview all over. After that you rank your top choices, all while they are making their ranking of students that interviewed. Much like sorority bid day, what follows is a mutual match system. The Monday of match week you get an email letting you know that you matched (which Jake did, meaning he had a job!) but you don't find out until noon on Friday - everyone around the country finds out at the same time.

Jake's school does a ceremony at the Pink Palace with food and drinks, some remarks, and then the handing out of the envelopes.

THE letter:

Jake's sister and parents came to the Pink Palace with us:

There's a big map for pinning where you're going. People in Jake's class were spanning the whole US, California to the Northeast. Glad it is them, not me!

After the Pink Palace we went downtown for a little photoshoot:

Then to lunch at where else... our favorite, Garabaldi's. Had to celebrate with a tradition.

Then it was on to Muddy's, another Memphis staple.

After passing out in a food coma for a bit, we met my family and Jake's parents and sister for dinner at Boscos in Overton Square:

My parents got Jake a UT pullover:

The next day was the Caduceus Ball, an annual medical school celebration that honors the M4s after match day.

It was at Minglewood Hall - there was food, drinks, a band... lots of fun!

 The set up:

And finally, only so you can see my whole dress, a bathroom selfie:

A huge weekend celebrating Jake's accomplishments. We're so proud of him!!

In celebrations and successes,

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