Tuesday, March 25, 2014

{Life} Spring Break 2014.

In addition to eating my way through Memphis, spring break also meant taking time to have some fun and get some things accomplished... like:

Beamer bath -

Zoo trip #1 with the Dale family:

Rocking out the fit bit with a combination zumba/zoo day:

Going to the Kroc for some zumba!

Round one at the vet - which brought bad news for our Sebastian:

Zoo trip #2 for break - we're members so why not?

Snuggles with Tyson, who has recently become quite the social cat:

Vet visit #2, this time for Beamer, who weighs a whopping 65 lbs.

Some Castle watching and dinner making at home (with a curious Beamer basset):

Babysitting my cousin's sweet Layla (she loves mac and cheese - who doesn't?):

Checked up on the duplex progress in the kitchen reno - new cabinets!

Saw some old friends at Waffle Shop for lunch!

Hosted Jake's family for dinner to celebrate his dad's birthday. Jake cooked a delicious meal and his sister provided the appetizer, salad, and potatoes:

(Steak de Burgo recipe from Cook's Country magazine):

Poor Sebastian was just back from his surgery to take out three mast cell tumors and didn't feel well:

Dinner preparation:

Colby brought Izzie, her puppy!

Filets from Charlie's Meat Market on Summer:

Making the pan sauce - cream, butter, garlic, white wine, basil, and oregano:

And the table:

More Sebastian in his poor cone:

Counters at the duplex!

See, spring break wasn't all food. Here's to a great break!

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