Saturday, March 8, 2014

{Life}: Homebrewing.

For Jake's birthday, I finally caved and got him a home brew kit. His friends have tried homebrewing and Jake loves to cook and drink beer, so I guess it just made sense. We always thought we couldn't do it because we didn't have a basement but for now we're using the front coat closet. Not sure what we'll do when summer hits.

Beginning of February, Jake made his first batch:

The guy at the homebrew store (Midsouth Malts - highly recommend them, it is a hole in the wall but the guy is very helpful) told us if you could make macaroni and cheese, you could make beer. It ended up being more like if you can make a semi-elaborate dinner but not bad at all.

A month later and Jake has his first home brew batch! We drank some the other night and I actually prefer it to bottled beer. And the fact that it is much cheaper per bottle (once you recover the cost of the starter kit..) sure doesn't hurt.

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