Tuesday, March 4, 2014

{Life}: Lately...

Lot's to catch up on after an almost two month blogging hiatus.

As a part of my taking-lunch-to-school initiative, I have been taking work selfies to document change (which is just so cool, I admit). Here's a January - March comparison... A little change?

We had a rare sunny, warm day in mid-January so we seized a patio-beer opportunity:

That beautiful day led to a beautiful sunset...

Jake turned 30 this year and so we had a big family dinner with his parents, sister, aunt, uncle, cousin, and neighbors at Pete and Sam's:

Jake's birthday present was a beer brewing starter kit - here he is starting in on the process:

Tyson benefited from the box...

February brought us a leak in our roof (again..), this time in our guest room:

Before I left for a work trip we had a date night to South of Beale, our go-to favorite (the duck fried rice...)

And then it was time to travel to Philly for a conference!

I had a fabulous time and learned tons... was over before I knew it and I was headed home:

I got back in time for Valentine's Day, which ended up being an accidental double date with my parents to Dino's, our childhood favorite neighborhood Italian restaurant. So much fun.

I got the beef braciole and it was beyond ridiculous.

My parents are renovating the other side of their duplex so we have been having fun putting together all the pieces - here's the gutted kitchen with a new opening to the dining room. They are using the same contractor as our kitchen. Can't wait to share the end result!

Along the way into late February Jake and I hit up our favorite breakfast place, Bryant's. We followed that with a 3 mile walk on the green line, for balance.

Of course there were lots of opportunities for puppy cuddles:

Caught a beautiful sunset on a drive East.

Got knocked down with a stomach bug one day.. this man never left my side:

Another green line walk...

Mom got old pictures framed for her house and I had to take a picture of two of the photos of a younger me:

We also got our church portraits back... when did we turn into grown ups? I don't feel grown up...

Another work trip.. this time with a new suitcase!

This conference was in Orlando. Didn't get out of the hotel much but on the last day I took a long walk around the Disney compound. We stayed at the Dolphin...

That afternoon I sat by the pool for a bit. It is amazing what a little sunshine can do for your mood:

I returned to a warmish Memphis, which of course meant jumping on some patio weather with a trip to Bosco's:

This girl missed me on my trips..

We got to meet Jake's sister's puppy, a charcoal lab named Izzy:

And then we woke up to snow and ice, which is so Memphis in March. High 60's to 17 degrees in two days...

Continuing our snow day tradition, we grabbed breakfast at Cafe Eclectic:

Beamer isn't sure about the snow...

That should catch us up... here's to living life to its fullest!

In looking forward to spring,

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Alyssa said...

So many fun things have been happening for you!! andddd lots of good food has been eaten :)

When will Spring be here to stay?! This past weekend was such a tease.


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