The Animals

Meet Tyson. We got Tyson as a kitten from the Family Vet Practice in Bartlett. He was born there, along with his siblings, to a stray mother who the vet practice took in. I'd been wanting a kitten since I got my own place - we had four cats at various times when I was younger. Jake wasn't so sure but once I told him we could get an orange tabby (orange for the Vols), he ok-ed the deal. I picked Ty out off Pet Finder because he was orange and little, we went to see him, and a month later he was our kitty. He started out very small and didn't eat much. Now, almost a year later, Ty is a beast who eats not only his food but also the dogs' food as well. He talks, pounces, purrs, and cuddles and just is just a bit tempermental (but isn't any cat?). He gets along with "our boys" just fine and is definitely the boss of the two of them. He loves the camera - here are a few pictures of our kitty cat. 

 Ty as a kitten.
Lounging with his brother, Sebastian
Hiding in boxes on moving day. 

Our boys are Beamer and Sebastian. While they are quite the duo, they haven't always been together. Beamer came first. When we went off to school, I knew I wanted to get Jake a dog. He was living in the frat house during his junior year of college. I kept trying to convince him that this was an ok place to raise a dog but he wasn't having it. During the Christmas date party, I was talking to the president of his fraternity about the idea and he said I should go for it, that the guys would all love having a dog around. I found a basset hound breeder after researching the breed and drove to a farm in the middle of nowhere by myself (in hinesight, not a great idea but it worked out ok). I picked out Beamer because he was just as quirky then as he is now - he kept wanting to rest his head on the table when he was in my lap. I wanted Beamer to be a Christmas surprise for Jake so I paid the deposit and went back to pick him up after 2 more weeks of school. Yet, as Jake called me (he didn't know where I had gone) and I picked up the phone, the whimpers from the puppy in my lap were evident. I decided not to wait to give him Beamer and so in the parking lot of the fraternity house, I handed him Beamer - he fit in one of his hands! 

After a year of fraternity living (which I believe made him the social dog he is today) and a year of living in a duplex with six guys, Beamer made the trip to live in Memphis with Jake's parents once Jake moved back home. I missed Beams terribly and started getting the itch to get Beamer a brother. I was sitting at work one day at school and saw an ad for Belly Rubs basset rescue. I checked out their website and saw Sebastian. I was going to live in an apartment and knew I wanted a smaller basset and Sebastian happened to be only 30 lbs (Beamer is 60). I got Sebastian and he ended up being my best friend through my grad year. 

Once I moved back to Memphis, we moved the boys in together with each other in our duplex. They have since become inseperable and take good care of each other. They are pretty hilarious together. Here are some pics of our guys...


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