Saturday, November 2, 2013

{Travel}: ATL Bound for Fall Break.

Back in about March of this year I made my fall break plans - see when my college bestie Beth called with the news of her bun in her oven, she told me the due date was October 11, right around my fall break. It would be perfect - I could come help her "wait out" her due date, run those last errands, keep her sane.

Well fast forward to September (September 19, actually) and Beth called with news that they were having Tori early. Tori arrived safely on September 21 (right about the time I was getting out of Elise's fabulous reception) and thus my fall break trip turned into time to play with the new kid on the block!

Before I left I finally made Beth the wreath she requested for Tori's nursery. I used ribbon and a canvas for the name sign. Here it is ready to go on our door (it looked great on her door but naturally didn't get a picture...):

I left Wednesday for my fall break trip. The drive was beautiful, as usual:

When I got in I was so excited to see Tori's nursery in person. When we were there in July Beth and I found that fun whale on the top of the shelf.

Tori was just about 3 weeks when I was there and was starting to become more alert. We had some quality time in the car together:

While I was down there I just had to finally indulge and buy a pair of Tory Burch Revas. I have held off because of the price but when you break it down by use, it makes sense to invest:

They are seriously comfortable and cute. There's no turning back now, I'm afraid. I'm hooked.

Most of the visit was spent just hanging out and playing with Tori. As it turns out, babies take up a lot of time.

I got to go to the pediatrician with them:

We introduced Tori to the world of shopping early... two malls in two days:

My last day before I left we went over to the Peachtree Farmer's Market. It was fabulous. I got a jar of delicious pickles (which we promptly ate all of once I was home) and a few pretzel loaves (our favorite bread after having it a lot in Germany).

Beth got her bassets each a dog cookie. Aren't these cute?

Then it was back on the road for the trek home. Once again, I was lucky to get beautiful driving weather, which makes the drive so much easier.

These guys were glad to see me, I think:

What a great way to spend fall break! Welcome to the world, Tori!

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