Saturday, December 21, 2013

{Go There}: The Growler Memphis.

Midtown Memphis is becoming such a hip spot for the beer scene. With Wiseacre open, discerning beer lovers can get their fresh, local brew fix at a number of neat locations - there's the old standby, Bosco's, there's Wiseacre, and now two growler spots have opened, featuring local craft beers like Memphis Made, High Cotton, and Wiseacre.

The first growler fill station is inside the Cash Saver on Madison - called the Madison Growler. It is a counter within a semi-sketch grocery store that has already established itself as a go-to spot for good priced beer with great variety. It is open 12-8 Mon - Sat. Madison Growler is less about atmosphere and more about utility.

The second growler fill station is The Growler Memphis, which is on Cooper right at the heart of Cooper-Young. This place has an extensive list of fresh tapped brew, which you can get as a pint, in a flight, or fill a growler. There's an area to sit and drink with friends (couches, a community table, high tops with bar stools).

We each got a pint as well as filling our growler - I got Goose Island 312 and Jake got a High Cotton IPA. Our growler was Memphis Made Fireside Ninja. 

 You can bring your own (clean) growler or buy one there. We have about 6 Bosco's growlers sitting around so we have been using that.

The staff at the Growler Memphis were really knowledgable and helpful. I can see this place doing really well and adding to the climate of Cooper Young and Midtown. Glad to have something like this in Memphis!

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