Tuesday, June 17, 2014

{Go There...Again}: Hog & Hominy.

I wrote about Hog and Hominy over a year ago (here) and since then we have returned several times. Mostly I stay with my original choice of the quattro formaggi pizza, but recently a friend ordered a plate to share first and it was then that I had my first bite of something that will forever change my gastric life -- their biscuit gnocchi.

After that glimpse of heaven, I knew I needed to drag Jake back for more. ((Drag... clearly it was hard - it is so delicious!)). One date night we found ourselves at Target (so fancy) and since we were all the way out East, we thought "what they hay".

Instead of getting a pizza, we decided to split two plates. The servings are small (reasonable, just enough) and it is designed that you get several different plates to share. We knew we wanted dessert so we were fine with two but otherwise would have gotten three.

Obviously, we got the biscuit gnocchi. It is made from buttermilk biscuit, hambone brodo, field peas, spinach, and tomato. The sauce is light, with a hint of lemon. It was just as good as I had remembered.

We also got the short ribs, which came highly recommended. They come with farrow, shiitake, grapefruit, and red onion. It had an Asian hint to it. The short ribs were also beyond amazing. 

 Hog & Hominy has a seasonal menu so both of these items came from their summer menu - they switch things up with each season since their ingredients are always fresh.

We usually sit inside in the main dining area but this time we got taken back to the semi-secret area (you walk through a bookcase-turned-door) called the Holding Pen. It has picnic tables and a great ambiance. Since we were there in the summer, it also was where the oyster bar was running - worth checking out.

As I mentioned, we began with the end in mind, therefore saving room for arguably the best dessert in Memphis (tied with a slice of Muddy's grasshopper cake). The peanut butter pie has a layer of banana (which I love! and I don't even like bananas!) and is topped with fresh whipped cream and crumbled butterfingers.

Hog & Hominy has continued to put Memphis on the culinary map, even being featured in GQ and the New York Times. It is an East Memphis treasure and definitely worth checking out (or returning, in our case). You should go there.

In pizza and pie,

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