Sunday, November 9, 2014

{Baby Jasper}: Christmas Stocking Decision.

How can it already be November? I think the calendar is playing a trick on us.

Part of realizing the holidays are a bit more than a month away meant realizing Ruthie needs her own stocking for our mantle. Stockings are very special - my brothers and I have ones made by my cousin that we've used since we were young. Jake and I have standard red and green block letter monogram ones but for Ruthie I want something in between whimsical and reverent of the season (can a stocking be reverent? I guess just not a snowman/secular item).

With the inter webs and etsy, there are just so many options.... Here are a few I've been mulling over:

Pottery Barn Kids:

Option 1:
Pros: Whimsical and Reverent
Cons: A blonde, knowing our Ruthie will be decidedly brunette with her genes

Option 2:
Pros: Brunette angel
Cons: A little too "woodland" and less fun


Option 3:
Pros: Adorable, whimsical, unique
Cons: Secular, price ($90!!)

Land of Nod:

Option 4:
Pros: Price (clearance, $17), colors
Cons: No monogram (would have to get it monogrammed myself), secular

LL Bean:

Option 5:
Pros: Classic, very traditional
Cons: Monogram seems small on cuff, secular, sort of too grown up

I haven't made any sort of decision and that is ok with me... for now. Any thoughts?

In holidays and traditions,

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Yvonne Shipley said...

On Christmas stockings: make your own! They are not hard. Just draw the outline of a stocking you like on your chosen fabric, add seam allowance, cut out, sew with wrong sides together, turn, and voila! Done. My mother made mine when I was a kid: blue satin covered with Taupe lace, and lace trim. When I got married, she made my husband one in Stewart plaid with velvet ribbon trim. I made stockings for my boys in their turn. I know you said you did not want secular, but I would bet you could find some cute angel fabric at your local emporium. And when they are *personal* they don't need to be *personalized*!

Our Volunteer Family said...

I highly recommend the first Pottery Barn Kids stocking. Our whole family has a different one (santa, snowman, train, and angel) and they are perfect. They are nice and big - but very well made. They always have them each year - so it will be easy to get a similar style for Baby Jasper #2 in the future :)


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