Friday, September 11, 2009

A day with the girls

Last Saturday, I had the pleasure of spending the day with two of my favorite people - Ellen and Elise. We went out to Sheffield's antique mall - Ellen and Elise's friend Martha had gone and they were inspired to schlep out there themselves. I'd already had success there earlier this year, after a trip with Beth while out getting my wedding dress fitted, and got an awesome entry chair using some money that Jake's sweet aunt and uncle gave us:

So, having been inspired, we set out with an agenda - to haul ourselves to Collierville (quite a feat considering we are Midtown girls) and find Elise a headboard and a mirror for her room, while sacrificing as little moolah as possible. Additionally, with my birthday this weekend, I was scoping out potential presents my mom could get me.

Since the drive is a good 30 minutes, we decided to make a day of it - I'm so glad we did, too. We had so much fun... We started out the day by lunching at the Silver Caboose, which is off the main square in Collierville. Here is the train that runs around the restaurant:

It was a great find. We each got a veggie plate and shared the fried pickles. I do love my fried pickles. It was reasonably priced and was excellent food. Afterwards, we had a quick photo op (awk of Elle, sorry!) before making our way over to the site of our pilgrimage.

Once in Sheffields, I notified the ladies of my "game plan." See, Sheffields is HUGE and I wanted to see every single thing. There are aisles with booths that people rent out and so each booth has a little different flair to it. We found our favorite booth right off - cute painted pieces in greens, pinks, and blues. Clearly they had us in mind. They had these great antique shutters that were painted and I thought they would be good with hooks for necklaces on them. They also had an AWESOME huge mirror (probably 5 feet tall) that was painted green and had some beadwork on the wooden frame for only $59. Elise decided that was "the" mirror and we hid it so we could come back to it. We ventured through the rest of the store, finding many things to ooh and all over and a few things to put on "the list" for my birthday, including this cabinet and chair:

On the way out, we scoped out the jewelry. If you're interested in fun, cheap costume jewelry and a little bit of really nice estate jewelry, this is the place. Here's Elise trying on some (fake) pearls:

After playing for a while, we moved on. We hadn't found a bed frame for Elise so we decided to go with Plan B, which was to use Young House Love's advice and make one! With that in mind, we headed over to JoAnn's - my new favorite source for fabric. Here's Elise in the back of the car with her new mirror:

En route to JoAnn's, I remembered my favorite ice cream place was ahead (besides Baskin Robbins, of course) - Bruster's! I have many fond memories of it with Beth and Eric in Knoxville. It is way out east in Memphis so I never go (probably a good thing) and so we HAD to stop.

After being recharged by milkshakes, we tackled the fabric and batting section of JoAnn's. Ellen and I played HGTV hosts helping Elise pick out the ideal headboard fabric and here's the result (courtesy of Elle). You can't tell but it has a bit of a textured pattern to it - subtle but cute. The best part is that Elise did it herself!!! This is a picture of Elise, our friend Jackie who was in town for the weekend, and the final product:

All in all, I'd say we had a great day and a successful labor day weekend. I'm going back to Sheffields tomorrow for my birthday so I might just have to post my findings and purchases!!


lauren @ gathering moss said...

i MUST go to sheffield's! and bravo on the headboard! i LOVE upholstered headboards. is it weird that i want to throw out my husband's nice cherry bedroom suite to make my own headboard out of plywood and fabric? happy birthday tomorrow!

Our Volunteer Family said...

Living in Collierville - Scott and I LOVE the Silver Caboose. We go there quite often on Friday nights. Happy Birthday Kathryn!


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