Monday, September 21, 2009


(not to be confused with potions.. sorry HP fans)

So, I have a serious ice cream addiction. I love it. My problem is portion size. I am trying to listen to years of my mother saying "only 2 scoops - remember, the bowls are large" because yes, our bowls are large. And if I filled the bowl with ice cream, I'd be eating about 1000 calories.

The problem is that the big bowl is so enticing. And those two small scoops look so lonely. My parents have these cute parfait glasses that help the problem but we don't have those. So tonight, my solution?

Ramekins. We've got tons of them for some reason and they are really useful. We've got white, lime green, and turquoise ones. Target has them in their dollar area right now - that is where we got the green and blue ones.

Ramekins are the perfect ice cream portion solution because you get just the right amount of ice cream and you're forced to keep it at that. I was looking at the "perfect portion" ice cream containers yesterday (they are about the size of my thumb - I think 1/2 a cup of ice cream?) and each container was something like 1.50$ while a gallon tub was $4. It didn't make sense to spend extra money when I could create my own "perfect portion" at home. And I did....

It is Edy's French Silk (a little melted because I had trouble finding my camera). I satisfied my ice cream craving but didn't overindulge. Yum.

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lauren @ gathering moss said...

i have this problem on a daily basis too! i put my ice cream in a mug. i try to just deposit the scoops in the mug and not smush them down, because i can fit more that way and it's cheating ;) and these days i'm eating a lot of rice dream, which is made with rice milk instead of dairy. so it's healthy, right? right?


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