Thursday, July 8, 2010

8 inches.

I have had my hair long since Junior year of college. I didn't set out to keep it long, grow it long, or do anything altruistic with the hair. I just didn't ever cut it (well, I trimmed it. but you get it). 

Today, I took the plunge. After a summer of 30 minute blow drys followed by 20 minute sessions with the straightener (and consequently, giving up lately - if you've seen me lately with my hair curly, that is why), I went in today and got it cut. 

While sitting in the chair, my hairdresser asked if I wanted to save it. I said "why not?". So here I am now, sitting with 8 inches of hair. Must mail it off. Kind of creepy. 

Here is the last picture I have of myself with long hair (that isn't pulled back):
Here's the pony tail that is being sent round the world:
 And here I am now:

Big change! As I was walking out, the woman that washes my hair told me I looked more like a school teacher and less like a teenager. I don't know which is better?


Hez said...

LOVE it!!!

Ellen said...

OH Kitty, I LOVE it! You look soooo sassy!

lauren @ gathering moss said...

woohoo! so liberating, no? super cute!

Unknown said...

your new hair cut is cute!


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