Wednesday, November 14, 2012

{Family}: Fall Family Weekend Getaway.

For a while now (off and on) my family has had a tradition of getting away for hiking and some family time together in early November, always right around my dad's birthday. It started when I was in college and we'd meet halfway between and continued when my brothers went to college.

This was our second fall to head to Monteagle for family weekend. This time we stayed in the Walker House on the grounds of Dubose (where my camp is) and it was so nice to have a house versus motel rooms.

We went at just the right time for the fall weather. Our hike Saturday was beautiful and the weather was gorgeous. It was a great time.

We hit the road Friday after work. It was actually pretty exciting because 840 opened right as we got to it so we like to think we were some of the first people to take it from I-40 to I-24. It did cut some time off the drive and we didn't have to deal with Nashville traffic.

Once we got there, we met my brothers and went to dinner at one of Monteagle's finer restaurants (ok... one of its only restaurants), Papa Ron's.

After that we went back to the house and hung out before going to bed. The next morning we woke up to this beautiful sight outside our window:

The Dubose grounds were full out in fall mode and were beautiful. I love Dubose in the summer but fall is pretty nice too.

We did a little bit of hanging out in the living room Saturday morning. It was great just to chill as a fam with no real agenda.

After a while we headed over to the Waffle House for breakfast. My dad loves the Waffle House.

Then we went back to Dubose to get ready to hike.

We decided to go to Greeter Falls for our hike. We usually do Fiery Gizzard and while I love that one, it was nice to do something new.

On the road to Greeter:

Getting on the trail:

The first hole is called Blue Hole and is a very easy hike with a good return. It would be a great hike for families to take with small children in the summer because they can swim in the water (the falls are very small here) and hike there easily.

The parentals pose:

Dad and my brothers:

My man:

The hole:

After that hole we went on to the next part of the hike, which was two different waterfalls on a longer hike that was a loop.

Greeter Falls:

After three beautiful waterfalls, we had hiked over three miles and seen lots of great scenery.

My family on the way out of the hike:

And of course what do you do after you hike all afternoon? Eat cookies... We stopped by Dutch Maid Bakery on the way back to Dubose. Dutch Maid is a Monteagle must (actually in Tracy City).

Dutch Maid has been around forever and is known for their homemade goods. They have bread, cookies, jams, pastries and more.

After a great afternoon we went back to Dubose for some family games and watching football.

My mom brought her famous chili and we sat around eating, laughing, and playing games.

It was a great weekend and I'm so glad we take the time to do these trips. Love my family!

In making memories,

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Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing! We've driven through Monteagle a couple of times (and found a pretty good bbq place there) but had no idea there were such great hiking spots there.


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