Thursday, July 18, 2013

{House}: Pantry Progress!

When we moved into our house in 2009, the very first thing we did was take the washer and dryer out of the pantry in the kitchen and convert a closet to a laundry closet. We had these sweet babes:

(we never got a picture of them in the pantry because that would involve some thinking instead of just acting on the first whim we have)

and we changed over to this for laundry:

which left us with a sweet space for a pantry. One half of the closet is the water heater and HVAC but there's a whole wall for storage, which was more than our last house. So excited, we couldn't wait to organize our space...

At the time this was like the Taj Mahal of pantries. We were so pumped. "Look! You can walk in!" Don't mind the yellowing walls, the disgusting floor, the knobs from the water spouts.

Eventually we got a little more sophisticated:

Yeah buddy.

Well that system hadn't worked in some time. The food in baskets was not good but the shelves were not suited for storing food. The shelves weren't wide enough so they didn't maximize the space either.

So, after dreaming of a pantry with potential for a while, my wildest dreams finally came true. First, we cleared out the pantry and painted it:

While the pantry is empty, check out the kitchen:

(oh yeah, you like those wooden shelves? Remember we bought those to use from IKEA but they were too short, wide, and too spaced out between shelves #fail)

And after our fabulous wonderful contractor got done, built in shelves, made to order!

They've still got to be painted and everything loaded back in there but yay! What a difference, huh?

In having places to store your food,

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