Friday, July 5, 2013

{Life}: Where I've Been... CGM 2013.

After a little blog silence I'm back... I spent the last month on the Mountain playing, hiking, singing, and swimming. Basically having the time of my life, for the 15th (and last) summer.

The first night we were there we started with a small bonfire and catching up:

Then of course we had to hit up Sonic for the first of many trips...

 Also involved in camp is "the" Walmart trip - nothing like $500 of stuff in a shopping cart of the most random variety.

A messy office means a successful camp...

And a crossed off to-do list means kids are on their way:

The lifeguards on the Greeter Falls hike:

I also got to face-time a little with my guys...

During time off we rigged the projector to watch "Pitch Perfect" in the chapel. Hilarious.

Pre-Camp carnival.. costumes and friends:

Spent a lot of time by this pool:

Claiborne Hall:

Yay for visitors and friends!

All Saint's Chapel for a mid-week service:

Slip n slide is always a hit:

Girl staff at the banquet:

Calvary camp one kids:

My date to the dance (and visitor for the weekend):

Gorgeous view of our camp:

A great afternoon at the Res:

My amazing staff:

And my visitors the next weekend:

Over the weekend our family hiked the climber's route at Greeter Falls:

And we celebrated my parents' 40th wedding anniversary with desserts and champagne on the porch at camp:

The view of the super moon over my cabin:

The kids swimming at Fiery Gizzard:

A visit to Lake Cheston:

A rainy afternoon:

Almost all of the Calvary kids at Camp Three:

Last night at camp:

And saying goodbye the last day...

A long but short, fun but tiring, eventful yet drama free month at camp. And now, back to the real life.

In summer camp,

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