Monday, July 7, 2014

{Nursery}: Closet Configurations.

If this child is anything like me, their wardrobe will be quite extensive. With a lot of clothes comes the need for a great closet system. The nursery closet is a wide standard closet with bifold doors, currently housing Jake's clothes. Once we switch out all the closets, we'll paint the inside of the closet (right now it is the old green from before we bought the house) and build a closet system using Rubbermaid's Closet Configurations.

Because the system is customizable and we actually have two kits to work with (so we can use additional parts or we could just but extras from the store), we're looking to maximize the space for little clothes and accessories. Some priorities for me are space to store larger items like our stroller, baskets (wire or canvas), and some storage at the top of the closet.

There are two closet inspirations from Rubbermaid's website:

In the closet above, I love the short, tyke sized hanging on the left side and the shelves in the middle.

In this closet, I like the bin storage at the top of the closet and the room on the right bottom for stroller storage.

Our first step is to clear out the closet itself and design our own closet system... any advice or "must haves" for a nursery closet?

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Reenie said...

Hi .... any decisions on the nursery yet?

Unknown said...

Love the nudge! I've had radio silence because our computers are packed away since we are (finally) renoing our den! Yay! Much to post...


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