Monday, August 4, 2014

{Home} Renovation Madness!

You may have noticed a little blogger silence - oh say almost a month? It has something to do with this....

Our den started as a wood panel forest, closed in from the kitchen and dark.

We painted, added different furniture, and did the best we could...

Until finally it was "#denreno" time! About two weeks ago we started clearing things out...

We are finally going to merge the renovated kitchen style with the den for one unified room.

With all our belongings from the den (and front bedrooms... more on that) packed into the dining and living room, demo began!

Thanks to a wonderful contractor, work is coming to a close - much more to post. But in the meantime, that's where we are!

In ripping things to the studs,
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1 comment:

Reenie said...

Can't wait to see it... :)


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