Monday, September 1, 2014

{Baby Jasper}: Gender Reveal Party!

A few weeks ago we had a dinner at Jake's sisters condo to announce the gender of Baby Jasper. We actually went to a boutique ultrasound place in mid-July but wanted confirmation from our doctor's office before announcing. Luckily the two places gave us the same answer and away we went planning our dinner!

We got Garabaldi's spaghetti and italian salad (not pictured because we devoured it!) and hit up Muddy's for our dessert. Since we found out from the doc on a Monday and the party was on Wednesday, we were able to order a gender reveal cake from them (highly recommend them for this! They were awesome to work with). We also picked up cupcakes since we were going to have a crowd.

My mother-in-law and sister-in-law did a great job decorating! We were going to have a small dinner at our house for our families but because of the den renovation, Colby offered to host.

On the table were pacifiers to "choose your team,", our cake, a wrapped box that had our monogrammed name for baby Jasper inside, and a poster to put your fingerprint prediction onto a balloon-held baby.

Brothers and their girls - Ezra, Chloe, Jacob, and Lydia.

Mom cut into the cake to reveal Baby Jasper's gender:

It's a girl!

Jake and his family with our name monogrammed on a blanket and onesie - Madeleine Ruth Jasper. We're calling her Ruthie.

My family:

Parents to be with Ezra:

After the announcement we pulled out the pink and white cupcakes-  no need to hide that pink anymore!

Family hanging out

Jasper and Elam siblings all together:

Amy is due with Baby Dale #2 about a month after Ruthie is due. So excited to have cousins close in age, just like we were!

Parental units:

I found some pictures of me when I was little with my dad - can't wait for Jake to have his own little princess!

And here she is at 16 weeks (from our first gender appointment) -

This is the "money shot" of her legs and back end.

So excited to welcome Ruthie to the world!
In bows and dresses,

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