Wednesday, September 3, 2014

{Nursery}: Conquered Closet.

Back in July I blogged about our closet configuration possibilities for the nursery here. Using the Rubbermaid website and Pinterest, I did a lot of researching for the ideal closet setup for Ruthie's nursery. My mom had two Rubbermaid Closet Configuration kits from another project that she so generously donated to our cause...

I snapped this photo of the box as an example of what we'd want to do:

Here's what the kit included - we had two kits:

Configuration ideas. None for a little person closet though...

The before - we cleared the old closet rod/shelves out before the nursery was painted, leaving a blank slate:

Ruthie's favorite uncles (my brothers) came over to install the closet system. Note the headlamp...

Brothers with the (almost) finished product. I had to go get one more bracket and long shelf.

And her closet! Two long shelves on top, a half rod, a full rod, two short shelves, and another long shelf. I think we'll use the bottom of the closet for either a long storage bin or laying down our stroller for storage. We got new fun knobs for the closet from Hobby Lobby (white with polka dots). As you can tell, she's already got some clothes... I can't help myself!

More progress on the nursery to come!

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