Tuesday, September 2, 2014

{Home}: Den Renovation... almost done.

Back in July we embarked on our last big home renovation of this house... our den. If you've been following along, we've had this on our list from the get-go and when we did the kitchen, we knew it was only so much longer before we'd finish off the den (they are connected). In fact, in our "finished" kitchen pictures, you can see that unfinished den staring you in the face...

So when we last checked in, from this blog post, our contractor had ripped the den down to the studs... Taking our den from painted paneling and carpet to a construction zone.

We gave our massive sectional to Jake's brother - here's Harley and Tyson saying goodbye to it before it was hauled away.

While we did the den, we also had the front two bedrooms (nursery and guest room) painted so the living and dining room became quite the maze!

An almost empty den. Goodbye paneling and carpet!

One last panorama of the fugly den:

Originally we were going to take out these windows and put in french doors and replace the back door with a window to create an eat in kitchen nook but ultimately we decided it wasn't financially sensible to put so much money into this house, so the project became much more manageable in scale.

We did decide at semi-last minute to open up this door. Once the paneling was down, our contractor discovered that it was pretty feasible (we weren't sure about the load-bearing factor or where those vents went). So once he was in the wall, he said it was pretty easy and we moved ahead.

Demo day one revealed that a window from our guest bedroom to what used to be the porch (this den is an addition from the 1970's).

Beamer checking out the progress - note that sweet green linoleum that was under the carpet.

End of day one. You can also see where the second addition (our master bedroom and bathroom) start (with the insulation and different framing)- that was probably early 80's.

Here's a picture of the new passageway, widened by about a foot on each side and several inches up top, framed out:

The new view of the back windows with their new insulation.

Dogs enjoying the renovation progress. One thing you'll note in the background is we rewired all the electrical in this room (see the blue box in background).

New drywall going up -

Bassets and power tools:

The end of week two brought our flooring installation - which was not without drama. We thought we couldn't get the same yellow/white floor from the kitchen project but luckily we found it. For future record, here are the colors:

Love the seamless look from kitchen to den now:

Walls and trim were painted as well- walls are Crushed Rock from Sherwin Williams. New white electrical plugs and switches.

Once all the trim was painted and new lighting installed (fan and schoolhouse light kit from Lowe's), we cleaned and waxed the floors with Armstrong cleaner. The floors are VCT like you'd find in a school or hospital and we have had them in the kitchen for four years and still love them.

Back door painted black - new security door to be installed (no more oak leaves!):

With the floors cleaned and shined, we were able to put our new rug and couch in the den. Rug was a remnant from Kiser Flooring that they bound, couch is from I O Metro on Ridgeway.

We still have progress to make on putting art back on the walls but we did find two side tables for the couch this weekend! I wanted something with drawers that was mid-century modern-ish. Found both from my favorite, Antique Warehouse on Summer Avenue.

So while it still isn't "done," I'm calling it close. Here's to what new drywall, paint, and floors will do to a room!

Before -

Almost done -

In home ownership's joys,

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Ashlea Pate Benz said...

Looks awesome! Love the nontraditional flooring!!

Reenie said...

Oh wow.... that looks so good. Love the floor. :)

kristin said...

I'm from memphis and found your blog through Young House Love reader redesign, I was wondering who your contracter was? They did an awesome job and love your kitchen and den!

Unknown said...

Hi Kristin! His name is John Sohm. Email me kathryn at makinitinmemphis dot com and I will give you his number! He has worked for our family for ten years and is excellent. Specializes in midtown renovations but does work all over. He is very detail oriented and trustworthy!

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