Sunday, September 14, 2014

{Go There}: Greencork.

 Recently I tried out a new, hip spot in town - vicariously. See, when Chandler wanted to go to Greencork for her birthday, I knew I couldn't completely engage in the fun - Greencork is a self-service wine bar - but I was excited for the experience.

Greencork is in Cooper Young and is a great size - big enough to get a table but not get too loud/crazy. There are three different self service stations. Upon arriving, you exchange your credit card info (like creating a tab) for a kiosk card. You get a glass and take your card to the various wine stations. Each station has 6+ bottles of wine and the stations are based on similar palates. Above the wines are information about the bottle. We met the owner and "wine curator", or "fairy wine mother" as she referred to herself, and she told us all about her favorites.

The wine pours come in 2, 4, and 6 oz selections, all with prices for that particular wine displayed. We priced it out and the price per ounce is comparable to a restaurant, so not a bad deal. You could get a full glass of a delicious wine or you could sample 2 oz pours of a lot of different things.

When it is time to select, you put the card in, press a button, and wine pours into your glass.

Greencork also has a great food menu - we had Sweetgrass for dinner so we didn't try it out but many people in the restaurant were clearly on a date/friend dinner with food and drinks.

Definitely check out Greencork - I love the concept and think it is exactly what Cooper Young needs. There were a variety of people in the restaurant, young and old. When Ruthie arrives, I told my friends that my first night out is going to be a celebration at Greencork and I'm going to make tasting cards for us all to try out different wines. You can find the wines in stores, so if you find one you love, why not remember it so you can buy it later?

You should definitely go there - 2156 Young Ave. :: Memphis, TN 38104 :: 901.207.5281

In friends and wine and having fun,

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