Saturday, June 6, 2009

Living the CGM life.

Well these past days have been busy as usual for us here at camp. I'm getting used to the camp schedule and am really enjoying our staff a lot. The grounds here are beautiful and I can't wait until next week when we start taking advantage of the mountain more and do hikes, swim, etc.

We've had Pre Camp here this weekend, which has been a blast. Pre Camp is the rising first through third grade kids with a parent and is an introduction to Camp Gailor Maxon. It has been great teaching them the traditions, singing songs, and running around with them. They are so adorable but do have a TON of energy so I am worn out.

I got my summer courses for gifted certification sort of worked out - I am registered and have my code to get in the online system for the class but couldn't get the online system to work correctly. I'll have to try again Monday. Class starts Monday but I emailed the professors and let the know of the issue. I ordered one of the books I need (80$ - ouch!) but don't know what the other one is yet. I know that it will be worth it to have this certification, though.

Our internet here has been horrible and it has been really hard to get much done online. I have some pictures on my computer I want to share but can't yet because the only internet that works currently is the wireless and it is password protected but no one can remember the password so only the one computer with it programmed in gets the internet. Super. I do have some pictures I took today. It was gorgeous up here and made for a beautiful day. There are several church families here like the Mathes family, the Leopard boys, and the Seltzers and I've loved spending time with them. It is so neat to share my love for CGM with these families, many of who have ties to either CGM or Dubose.

The pictures above are...

1) The t-shirt I designed for this summer.

2) The Pre Camp group picture

3) The archways to the Downstairs Chapel

4) The front of Claiborne Hall, the main building for Dubose Conference Center.

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