Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Walkin in Memphis

So I am back from camp. It was a long month that somehow flew by before my eyes... It is strange how something can seem long in some senses and short in others. Coming back, it seems like I missed so much and was gone forever but while I was in it the days were flying by. I am very glad I decided to do camp and really feel like the summer was amazing... people were a little hesitant about my choice to leave home for a month but I feel like if there is something I want to do, I need to get out there and do it! It was a lot of hard work (for many different reasons) but something that I do not regret one bit. The friendships that were made, re-made, and strengthened at camp are so important to me and the impact I got to make on the campers was really awesome.

Now that I'm back, I sure am glad to be back in a large city. In Monteagle, you pretty much have just a few options for eating out... Subway, Waffle House, McDonalds or Sonic for fast food and Mi Casa, Papa Ron's, and Shenanigans for dining in. Shopping? Well you can go to Mountain Outfitters for your latest outdoor gear, hit up the Fred's or Family Dollar, go to CVS, or haul it down the mountain to one of 4 WalMarts within 20 miles. No wonder people are so reliant on WalMart.

I also really like being back in Memphis because I get to see people I haven't seen in a while. Like Jake! He actually came and visited for a long weekend between Camp II and Camp III. We had such a nice time.. He did the camp thing with me Friday morning, then we went and ate at Stirings for lunch (I had the brie platter as usual... yum), went to the University Bookstore, and then went down to the Memorial Cross and hiked to Proctor's Hall and back. We got back and did the whole banquet/eucharist/dance deal for Friday night and then Saturday sent the kids off. We then went to Chattanooga for a movie (Up! so sad!) and ate Mellow Mushroom. I forgot how much I liked Mellow Mushroom. Can we get one in Memphis, please? I'll just have to make sure when we go visit Jacob and Ezra that we go to the one in Knoxville. Jake brought the dogs who really liked being able to roam the grounds of Dubose. We even took the dogs swimming because it was so hot they were overheating. Some people did not like that we took them in the pool but let's just be honest - that pool was nasty before they even were in there!

Now that I'm back from camp, I'm doing a lot of catching up... catching up on school, on sleep, on bills, on making a budget, on playing with my kitty (who has grown so much!), on the gossip, etc. I have some awesome pictures from camp but unfortunately when I went to burn them onto a CD because they are all on the camp computer, I did it wrong and now don't have the pictures until Charles brings me another cd of them. I've got a lot of things to get done and most of all am very excited for Friday night because I'm FINALLY getting to see Wicked. I've been wanting to see it ever since I started to listen to the soundtrack in college and now it is in Memphis and my parents have tickets! I cannot wait. I hear it is fabulous.

Jake starts class next week and so that will be a big change. We've made our budget and are sticking to it. I had to go to Saddle Creek yesterday to get a new charger for my macbook (old charger died... 80$ for new one.) and passed by JCrew, Ann Taylor Loft, Gap, and Banana, all who were advertising sales in their window (60% off! how can you say no?) - well I did say no. I'm also writing down everything I spend so I can keep track better. We're cooking a lot more at home and only buying for the day so we don't overbuy at the grocery store. Last night's dinner was delish and only cost 10$ - grilled chicken that had been marinated in a lemon rosemary mix, green beans with lemon pepepr, and fresh angel hair pasta with butter and parmesean cheese.

Well, I need to do some work for my online class. I'm enjoying learning about gifted education and feel like this really is where I need to be... while it may be very hard at first. We'll see - they are supposed to call about interviews in July.


w00tpro said...
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w00tpro said...

Mellow Mushroom IS coming to Memphis. :) Mellow Mushroom to Memphis

Also you may want to try Mint.com to get a more complete view of your finances. I've used it for quite a while and it's very useful.

Your dinner sounds amazing! I'm a little jealous.

Good luck with your interviews!


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