Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day excursion, Middle TN style.

So while I'm over here in Middle Tennessee on Monteagle Mountain (also known as the Cumberland Plateau but we can call it what we do...), I decided to take a day trip. I hopped on over to Winchester, TN, which is about a 20 minute drive down the mountain into a cute, small town with its original town square. My destination? 

Hammer's is like an outlet store with just the most random things... mostly clothes, some fake flowers, food, home decor, fabric, rugs, and more. It is truly a treasure hunt. Last summer, I hit up the Hammer's in South Pittsburg (another cute town 'round these parts) but this summer I headed down to the Winchester Hammer's to check out their selection. I found quite a few cute pieces of clothing at bargain deals but ultimately left empty-handed, remembering the state of my pocketbook. Alas, no clothing purchased but at least it was a fun experience. 

After going to Hammer's, I walked around the square. I have memories of going to this awesome movie theatre with my parents once when we were little:

There were also some antique stores and boutiques around too but I needed to sca-dattle back up the mountain so I passed them up this time. 

In exploring the Mountain,
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