Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Lusting after "the Help" sets.

This weekend I went to see "The Help." I have since read that the theatre that I went to (Paradiso in East Memphis) sold the most tickets to the movie of any theatre nationwide. I don't doubt it one bit. It was the third weekend since it was released and the movie was still packed!

I loved the book, so of course the story was amazing but what I really loved were the sets. I mean I was oohing and aahing over everything. Here are some pics to show you what I mean... 

(I got these off Google Image Search - they are from the web and not mine!)

OK first off, Skeeter's parents house. The whole house was a WOW (Southern plantation style mansion, beautiful woodwork) but this kitchen just was a love. The floor (did I mention I have checkered linoleum?) was fab, the table and chairs are fab, the hoosier cabinet in the back is a definite WANT - no NEED. 

 Celia Foote's house was also gorgeous in a less lively way. Here is her kitchen - 
Again with the checkered linoleum. Also in this kitchen, the cabinet on the left wall is something I definitely want in a house someday, especially one that is built in. Also, I can't find a picture of it, but most houses had an enamel top table like the one I just got at the antique mall:
Hilly's kitchen was turquoise and the table in the center was almost exactly this table. How funny! I got this back in July before I had seen the movie. 

Then there was Elizabeth's house. I mean everything in that house reminded me of our current home, the granny house we're fixing up. This kitchen just screams our kitchen:

For reference:
OK ours was WAY worse but the floor, the cabinets, the counters, the paneling. The light in the other room of that picture (the one that is off because it was broken, you can see it peeking down from behind the header to the first room) was actually in Elizabeth's breakfast room. 

What this tells me? 1) The set designers did an amazing job and 2) I probably was born in the wrong decorating era. No wonder I love antique stores. 

In saving my pennies for a Hoosier cabinet,
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Victoria said...

Great post. I've read the book but have not seen the movie yet. The main reason I want to see the movie is the sets and you've confirmed that. Thanks!


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