Monday, September 26, 2011

Shoe Crisis.

I must state openly and honestly that I have about 30 pairs of shoes. Yes. 30. But of those 30 pairs of shoes, not a one can I feel "hip" wearing with a specific breed of outfit. That breed of outfit I have tried to explain below...


Tory Burch ballerina flat
$195 -

TOMS flat shoes
$48 -

Madewell moccasin shoes
$40 -

See, I have plenty of "preppy" fall/winter shoes. I've got boots, I've got moccasins (the Minnetokas I have are knocked off above in the Polyvore), I've got wallabees. What I don't have is a casual flat to replace my flip flops in my daily rotation. In the Polyvore above, I've got three very typical outfits for my fall/winter self - knits, sweaters, and tunics. And I can justify wearing preppy shoes with the far right outfit, but the other two would make me just feel frumpy. So I tried to think of some other shoes I could get - my favorite option is the Tory Burch Reva because it is well made, will last, is cute, and I've heard is comfortable. With a high arch, I need something with support so the Tar-jay $15 route isn't going to work. 

Now, on a more realistic note (because $195 is our grocery budget for the month, not our shoe budget), I've been thinking about some TOMS shoes - but here I wonder 1) if I'm "trendy" enough for these and 2) if they provide enough support for my old lady feet over here. And will they make me look more frumpy instead of trendy?

So I am faced with an issue. I need to refresh my shoe collection, pitch a lot of shoes I don't wear, and update my look. Just as a reminder, I am a creature of habit.. I did wear the same pair of sandals every single day this summer (no, really...):
What I need are some shoes that meet all of the following criteria:
1) comfortable
2) flattering
3) versatile
4) don't scream "teacher!!!" like most of my flats
5) cost-efficient (aka I can afford them without eating ramen for a month)

Any ideas? Link me up!!


Anonymous said...

TOMS are awesome & I have feet problems! They are supportive & comfortable!

Take Your Sweet Time said...

I totally understand you on the shoe dilemma. I have wanted a pair of Tory Burch Revas for quite sometime, but it just isn't in the budget. I bought a pair of Toms this summer and love them. I actually wore my Toms to school today. They are super comfortable and my feet don't hurt after wearing them.


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