Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Baby Shower.

Crafting is so fun to me. And with a baby shower right around the corner, an opportunity to craft was clearly in the picture. 

So, in celebrating the upcoming birth of Gwinn Hazel, I created two little things to add to a basket of goodies for her shower:
I made a yarn wreath for her door and a bow holder for her sweet hair bows. Her room is going to be pink and green, so of course I ran with that theme:

Here is the wreath - 
 I bought a wreath form at Michael's craft store and got felt to make the rosettes and letter. It took an entire thing of yarn (it was one thing, just multicolored) to make the wreath and I just wrapped it around twice). 

I made the bow holder from wooden pieces from Michaels - another friend recently had a baby and so I made Melissa a bow holder too:

And of course, any little girl wouldn't be complete without her own bows, so it was off to Cotton Tails to get a few for a "starter kit." I'm quite sure her momma is going to have her in bows for every outfit! 

Here's to crafting AND babies!
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