Sunday, October 23, 2011

Go there: City Market

On day one of fall break, I went to City Market with my trendy downtown-dwelling friends, Chandler and McRae. They apparently go there a lot and we were looking for somewhere near McRae's work that allowed us to sit outside. 

Having never been to the recently opened City Market, I decided to document the occasion and share it with my fake-friends on the ole b-log. 

City Market is on Main Street in Downtown Memphis. It is a deli and market combined. You walk to the counter to order your food (sandwiches and paninis with daily specials and soups). Here's the market:

 The selection of goods in the market section was impressive - it surely is an asset for downtown living. It wouldn't replace your major grocery trips but it would be good in a pinch and also carries a lot of specialty items other places don't. 

I ordered an Italian sandwich with salami and proscuitto on rosemary potato bread. It had a pesto sauce on it and some cheese. It came with grilled onions and red peppers as well, but I did not oblige in those:

 The sandwich was delicious and filling - I would definitely recommend it to someone. There were a lot of different choices and it appears they have a good selection of Indian-style sandwiches. Some of their sandwiches had Indian spices and sauces on them. 

We sat outside and it was great to people watch and enjoy the weather. There were tables inside as well. 

If you find yourself downtown at lunch time, you should definitely check out City Market. 

In paninis and patios,
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Comeca Jones said...

Yep I see why you liked this place I think its so quaint.

KellyH said...

Hello! Not sure how I found your blog initially. It was several months back and because of your fabulous Kitchen reno. Anyway after my husband and I relocated from Kalamazoo, MI to Memphis (we live in collierville actually) I found your blog again and realized you are in Memphis! So anyway thank you for helping me find cool places to shop and eat! Been meaning to thank you for a couple weeks now! My question for you is this, Is there a good architectural salvage place you'd recommend? I want some reclaimed old boards to make a table top out of and thought I'd ask you :) I tried to find a email address for you on your blog but couldn't locate one so sorry to leave this in a comment!

Unknown said...

Hey Kelly! I should add an email to the about me page, huh? Just an amateur over here:)

Two places come to mind - one is downtown in South Main on Front. I can't remember the name but it is three floors and near Spaghetti Warehouse. My friend gets reclaimed wood and salvaged architecture stuff there for his business. The other place is a little more pricey but the Memphis Water Works on Central (it is connected to an antique store but is more outdoor pieces and some reclaimed things).

Hope that helps!!

KellyH said...

Thanks a Bunch! I'm sure you'll hear from me again!


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