Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fry Sauce.

So I love Zaxby's. Love. And their fry sauce? Amazing. Apparently fry sauce is a cultural phenomenon from the West, because when I googled it, these people in Utah were all about it. 

Well, the other night I decided to make some. And, as nasty as the combination of items sounds, it was really good. You might want to try it. 

Here it goes - 

You start with ketchup, hot sauce (Franks, please), and mayo. Yum, I know. 

Then you combine all three, I just sort of did squirts and dollops here and there. Equal parts ketchup and mayo, I suppose. Then stir in pepper - I also added in some onion salt for kicks. 

I let it sit overnight in the fridge before serving with dinner. Here the star is, in the line up with ranch and blue cheese before our chicken tender dinner: 

And here is our dinner - grilled chicken tenders tossed in Frank's hot sauce with fries and green beans. 

I must say that the fry sauce was really ridiculously good. So if you're into that kind of thing, check it out!

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Kate said...

So this sauce is for the fries? I might have to try it. I love eating my fries with mayo, and sometimes I'll mix in some rosemary or thyme, or even Chipotle hot sauce. Mmm!

Unknown said...

Kate - yeah, at some restaurants around here that serve buffalo fingers, this is a knock-off of their sauce. It is definitely a different taste but I love it. Sometimes I use Worcestershire in there too and that gives it a good kick. The key is a lot of fresh ground pepper and garlic salt!!


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