Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Happy Two Year Anniversary, House!

October 15th, which was last Saturday, was our two-year anniversary of owning our little misplaced ranch. Two years ago we signed (many) dotted lines, walked into the empty house realizing it was ours and spent the next day moving our worldly possessions via U-Haul and helpful family. 

 In the past two years we've done a lot, and yet there's still so much more to do. Last year, I chronicled our first year of home-ownership:

Here's my posts chronicling come of our house projects over the past year:

And here's what we did this past year:
The house has gone through some changes.. here are a few before and after picture selections:

The Den (2009) - 
The Den (2011) - 

The Living Room (pre-move in, 2009) -
The Living Room, 2011 - 
The Kitchen, 2009 - 
The Kitchen, 2011 - 

And now, plans for the future. Who knows if we'll do all this, but ideally, we'd like to...
  • Give the front a facelift, putting in posts instead of the wrought iron and replacing the wrought iron front door
  • Change the hardware on the cabinetry in both bathrooms, repaint the back bathroom, and refresh the front bathroom
  • replace the paneling in the den with new drywall, painted the same color as the kitchen 
  • put in french doors where the den windows are, making the old back door a window so we can have a banquette seating area in the kitchen
  • build a deck off the french doors
  • (Finally?) organize and utilize the guest bedroom

So here's to two happy, successful years in our house! And here's hoping for more!

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