Monday, October 3, 2011

A dressing area.

When we had the work done on the kitchen, one thing we also did when the drywall guy was here was close off two doorways:

The first one was going from the corner of the dining room to the middle bedroom. It was odd to have a door to that bedroom from the dining room and that bedroom had three doors because it also connected to the front hall and back hall (making it basically a hallway itself):
 (and let's acknowledge that the middle room pretty much always looks like a clothes hurricane has hit...)

The second doorway we closed went from the middle bedroom to the back hallway:
 So here you can see the doorways with insulation but no drywall (the dogs loved messing with that...)

Middle bedroom to dining room former door - 
 Middle bedroom to back hallway former door - 
 Here is the other side of that last door, the more important view for this post, going from the back hallway to the middle bedroom:

 And with drywall!

This is significant because we took that space we gained in closing off the door to make a dressing room. We had thrown around the idea of making it a closet but the space was just a little too narrow for that. The back hallway now is part of the "master suite" (which is a little too much of an elevated term for what actually is a small hall, bathroom, and bedroom). 

So I came up with the plans for a dressing area and our contractor brought it to life. I got a shelving unit with door from the pantry area of Home Depot (note - not the closet area, couldn't find something narrow enough), and then our contractor built me a counter and shelves above it to create a built in look. 

You can see the dressing area below, with the bathroom door being to the right, the den door to the left, and imagine you're standing in the master bedroom (oooh...):
 We had the hardest time with the lights for this area. I wanted something classy but it needed to be pretty narrow height-wise because of the space so I ended up going with vanity lights in a brushed nickel finish. I actually don't mind it, which surprises me considering it wasn't my first choice. 
 I also made a necklace holder for this space. It was a simple, cheap project. I took an old frame from Goodwill, put scrapbook paper in the frame, sprayed the frame with spray paint, and put nails in the top, then hung on the wall. With the right frame, it would cost you less than $5. 
 And, just for reference, a picture of the area showing you how it connects to the rest of the house. The master is off the den, so it is pretty secluded in the back of the house:

So there you have a project that is (almost) finally done! 

In classy-ing the place up, a bit at a time,
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Unknown said...

Hey Kathryn! This is amazing! So super cute. I would hang out in there all day!

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