Monday, October 24, 2011

Fall Break, Part Two.

 As mentioned in my part one post of Fall Break, Jake and I took the stars aligning of no test to study for and a break for me to create a little stay cation for the weekend. Friday was busy and fun and Saturday set out to be just the same. 

We started the morning with a walk on our fabulous Green Line through East Memphis. Here's my guy with Sebastian, gearing up to walk:
 And here is my favorite part of the Green Line trail. It is a converted rail road trail that has a canopy of trees for most of the way. I downloaded an app to map our walks and so I've really enjoyed seeing how long/far we've walked. 
 And, of course, right after walking the Green Line, we decided to negate all aerobic exercise by going to our favorite breakfast spot, Bryant's. I've been going there since I was little and Jake goes most Saturdays with his guy friends. There's almost always a line to the door and you have to kind of know the "Bryant's way" of getting in line, ordering at the counter, THEN sitting down. You see, it isn't too big of a place but the tables flow through pretty quickly. 
 I always get the same thing - 2 sausage biscuits and a coke. Jake is a bit more diverse. This morning, it was an egg-bacon, and sausage biscuit and a ham biscuit. He also loves the scrambler and the philly omelette if anyone is wondering. 

Bryant's is on Summer at Graham in a nondescript shopping center across from Grahamwood. You should go there. 
 After breakfast, we spent some time with our puppies. It was beautiful outside and we enjoyed playing with them:

 And of course, we couldn't leave Ty out:
 Sunday brought church. During October, our church has a fabric sculpture it hangs for AIDS remembrance. I think it is just gorgeous:
 After church, we walked around downtown (and had City Market for lunch... again) and then hit up Maggie's Moo on Main Street:
The rest of the day was spent enjoying ourselves and our little doggie family - especially this little puppy who is getting bigger each day!

Breaks don't come too often, so we relish them (and each other) when they do. Here's to Thanksgiving break being a month away!

In loving what you got - 
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Allison said...

cute pups! delicious food!


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