Monday, September 5, 2011

Growing like a weed.

Harley has been ours for almost two months now. She's still got a long way to go to get out of the "joys" of puppyhood, but she sure is a sweet gal. She's had her share of medical issues but somehow her puppy eyes and puppy kisses make us forgive her for those. And she sure won't stop growing. Here she is on July 30th:
 And here she is today, September 6th:
She is a week shy of 4 months old and weighs about 19 lbs. Her brown is coming in more and more, which you can tell in her face in these pictures.

In puppy breath and chew toys,

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Suzanne said...

OMgosh what a cutie-moochie face! I love it!

Our English mastiff will be a year old on Sept. 10th. We are planning a small birthday party with a dog boned shaped cake!! :)

Lee said...

NIce post, great photos of Harley getting bigger. You should keep photographing her in that chair and make a series.


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