Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ten for Two: Round 4.

Here we go again. Another 10$ meal for the two of us. This time I went to the grocery store with no idea what to make. I figured I'd figure out when I got there. 

After exploring the meat department much more in depth than I ever had before, I chose two pre-made stuffed hamburgers. They had blue cheese, spinach, and bacon in them. I got some broccoli and fingerling potatoes as well:

The best part? The total came out to $8.32 - the receipt is in that picture but you can't read it. 

We cut up the fingerling potatoes (after washing them -they smelled funny!) and tossed them in ranch dressing mix, olive oil, and cayenne pepper. We then roasted them in the oven at 425 for about 20 minutes. 

Usually I buy the steamable bag of broccoli florets but since we're doing the budget thing, I bought a head of broccoli that we chopped the tops off of - this cost about a dollar for the head of broccoli - such a cheaper option. We steamed them on the stove. 

I went bunless for our burgers mostly to save on the cost of buns but also to save the carbs and I thought there was enough taste to lose the bread. This was a solid win in the 10 for 2 category. Onward!

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