Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ten for Two Challenge.

With summer coming to a close and school on the horizon, I got in a cooking rut. After having the kitchen lovelies as my personal chefs (albeit not the best food... but made with love) for all of June then traveling most of July, dinners cooked at home just wasn't in the routine. 

So what better way to get back into a routine than to make a blog challenge out of it? I'm challenging myself to do ten for two dinners. Ten dollars, two people, fed. And now, here's the first one:

Spaghetti and a Greek Salad (that somehow pictured really funky):
This was my first of the challenge and so I didn't think to take a picture of the receipt (but I did from then on out!). The spaghetti recipe I used is one I blogged about last year - poor man's spaghetti. Breakdown below:

- San Marzano Whole Peeled Tomatoes - $2.99
- butter (already had)
- onion - $1ish
- spaghetti noodles - $2ish
- romaine lettuce - $3
- feta (already had)
- salad dressing (already had)

Total? $9. Gotta love a delicious spaghetti sauce that only uses three ingredients. And you'd think 45 minutes with whole peeled tomatoes, butter, and an onion would be lacking in the flavor department, but I don't even like red sauce and I'd drink this.

Onto the next ten-for-two challenge...
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