Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Back in business.

So. A week ago I posted about losing something very important to me. My Macbook circa 2006. After accepting it was time to move on, I evaluated my options. This, of course, meant calling my bff Eric, who has a J.D. and is a licensed attorney but lives up life as an Apple Genius (which really is kind of perfect for him). Eric advised me on my options - laptop versus desktop, repair versus buying, etc. Finally I made my decision and a week later, here I am with our new computer:
 Tyson definitely approves and we do too. The decision to go desktop instead of laptop was since Jake already has a MacBookPro... so we'll see how we do as a one laptop family once a trip or two work events roll around. But the screen is so big, it is really nice for Jake to have several windows open at once. 

So here's to being back in business!
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Comeca Jones said...

I want an apple computer so badly yours is fabulous!Lucky you!


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