Monday, August 1, 2011

A Big Move for Beth!

My bff Beth and her hubs Brad (college friends, they went with us to the beach, remember?) have lived down in Atlanta for a little less than a year now. They had a sweet set up in a rental that we visited over Christmas break (here) but found the perfect house to buy this spring. They closed right before the beach and moved in after they got back. We just got their moving announcement in the mail and I have to say, Tyson was pretty excited:
 Their house is very cute and I can't wait to visit. I'm so excited for them!
 Their dogs are already loving the big yard and living area:
 (Toby plays croquet)
 (Ollie chills on the back patio)

A big congratulations to Beth and Brad! Check out her new blog, White Picket Fence and a Tree Stump, where she's chronicling the big move. 

Here's to a road trip to ATL soon!
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