Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fresh Market Frozen Pizza Dough is Amazing.

Our pizza life has been revolutionized. I read (on someone's blog... I forgot who) that Fresh Market had a frozen pizza dough and so when we were running errands this weekend, we got two as a trial. It is my duty to tell you now that you must use this dough. (Unless you make your own and then la-di-dah fancy pants). If you're like us and use the pre-made stuff, upgrade your life and go to the frozen section of Fresh Market. You'll thank me.

 You set the dough out at room temp. to thaw, then you roll it out on a floured surface.
 You then put it on a well-greased baking sheet (I'm sure a pizza stone would work, we just don't have one) and add toppings. This one was chicken, feta, spinach, garlic, and capers.
Here it is before it went in the oven:

 And here's the final product. Best thing about this dough? It holds up to heavy toppings and lets you still eat it as a slice instead of falling apart.

I'm going to need you to get some....
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Amy said...

I am from Memphis, which Fresh Market did you buy the Pizza Dough ?

Unknown said...

Amy - the Fresh Market on White Station at Poplar. It is in the frozen section.

Unknown said...

I just went to my local Fresh Market and was told that their frozen pizza dough was discontinued. May I get the brand name of the pizza dough you talked about in this post? Thanks! Mandy

Unknown said...

Hi Mandy!

Since I wrote this post, the company that made the dough did stop making it. I actually talked to a Fresh market rep because I was so distraught. They have been looking for an alternative but haven't stocked anything yet. If your area has a Kroger, they do carry a similar product in their specialty area of the store. Believe me, I was bummed!


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