Monday, August 15, 2011

RIP, computer.

I know the blog silence has been deadening over here. My fan club has been up in arms over my lack of blogging....

So my macbook is dying a slow death. One that involves highlighting and clicking everything I scroll over. Which you'd think wouldn't be a big deal. Except it is. Because you can't do anything. Every time you scroll, you open a new window with some crap you've accidentally clicked on. It's awesome. 

 I got my macbook in May of 2006. I decided to get my first laptop (I'd had an imac before that) because all of a sudden, laptops were all the rage in college. Before that, I was one of few of my friends that even had a computer in college and then all of a sudden everyone had laptops and they were required for conferences and the like. So I read the mac rumors blog and they said the ibook was being replaced with the macbook. I waited and waited and finally on a Tuesday in late May, the rumor mills said that they were shipped that morning to the stores and sure enough the websites announced their arrival. 

I called my Saddle Creek location over and over, getting busy signals, trying to see if I could reserve one. They hadn't been unloaded, I was told, and so they weren't inventoried for sale yet. I finally bugged this guy enough to get him to put one aside for me - the only black one they'd gotten in the shipment. Now this may seem crazy, but to me this was a big deal. Sure I could have waited a little longer, but I had already waited long enough. 

So my macbook and I spent senior year, graduate school, student teaching, wedding planning, losing a hard drive, being a new teacher, and more together. It has been a good 5 and a 1/2 years.... Jake has a macbookpro so we've still got a laptop. We'll probably get a imac this time to replace my old imac (which is still sitting in the office):

So, now all that is left to do is make sure everything is backed up on the old computer and say goodbye....
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