Saturday, May 25, 2013

{Eat this}: #Pound Cake for Mother's Day.

Mother's Day was a few weekends ago and we had ourselves a big time. Though my own mother chose her sons over me for the day, traveling to Knoxville (there may have been a real reason - moving apartments and all), luckily I've got a spare mother in my mother in law so we celebrated in style.

Jake's sister hosted a brunch on the roof of her boyfriend's condo building downtown. She made the lunch, which was shrimp omelets, salmon potato hash, and mimosas. We provided dessert. The original plan was to bake something but we couldn't figure out how to get that done while going to church. So luckily for us, we decided to stop at Miss Cordelia's grocery store in Harbor Town and see what they had in the way of dessert...

We stumbled upon this precious display of pound cakes and I realized what it was - our friend's mom's business! We were excited to try one out so we picked up the raspberry almond one and some ice cream and headed over to the brunch.

It was a gorgeous day to have brunch on the roof and it was a great view of Downtown Memphis:

After some delicious food we went in for some dessert prep - here's our pound cake, raspberries, ice cream, and fudge sauce:

And the next picture is super washed out because it was so bright on the roof but you can see what the cake looks like in whole - it is so pretty and would present well at a party:

And here's my plate with our concoction:

We got about six slices out of it and it was delicious. Judy's #Pound Cakes have been written up in the Memphis Flyer: and you can visit her facebook site:

She currently sells them at Miss Cordelia's, High Point Grocery, and Republic Coffee or you can special order from her through email.

In anything with ice cream and fresh raspberries,
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