Sunday, May 5, 2013

{Exterior}: Azaleas in the Backyard.

I by no means have a green thumb. Our backyard is a great size but the soil is compacted from the dogs so grass isn't growing (we're on that... appointment with lawn service made) and we had this pesky bed by the garage that turned into a weed garden. One day after it rained quite a bit we took shovel to the bed and ripped out all of the weeds (some of which were small trees). We were left with this...

Then we headed out to Dabney Nursery to get some azaleas to fill in the bed. We got our last azaleas there and they have done well so we wanted to get them there again. Plus they have a huge selection at great prices and are very helpful! {not a commercial, just satisfied!}

After exploring their stock we chose the Conversation Piece azalea because of its height, bloom color, and the leaf pattern.

We loaded four into our cart and headed for the register.

Then my sweet guy used some of his free time to plant them in the ground - we ended up having to wait about a week because right after we bought these we had a cold snap with temps below freezing so our azaleas lived inside for a little bit.

We finally got them mulched this weekend. In the meantime they have bloomed somewhat. Unfortunately Harley thinks she is supposed to eat the blooms so we've been dealing with trying to keep her from killing them.

Now the side of the garage looks a bit better. If only we could get some grass...

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