Wednesday, August 14, 2013

{Travel}: Family Beach Vaca.

The end of July brought a trip to the beach with my whole family (minus Jake). We have not all five been together at the beach for several years so that was special. We headed down to Navarre for a week of sun, sand, and relaxation.

Navarre is on the "Emerald Coast" in the Gulf of Mexico (between Pensacola and Destin) and I love it because it is an island off the main highway drag so there is less traffic and high rise population.

While we were at the beach, Jake made sure to send me picture updates like this one of Sebastian:

There was a sandbar pretty far out that people swam out to and then hung out - you can see them off in the distance of this picture:

While I was gone is also when we got the paint completed for the porch so this picture was fun to get!

We did have some issues with seaweed but otherwise had really good weather and water conditions.

Thursday brought a big storm that rolled in while we were down on the beach:

It cleared up in the afternoon and brought in some really fun waves:

That night we went to dinner - I was semi-successful in getting my baby brother to take a selfie with me (he doesn't believe in them).

We also got a sibling pic after trying to force Ez to take the picture:

I also managed to get my mom in a selfie! #momsfirstselfie

Our last beach day was absolutely perfect.

Some instagram filters that show the true emerald color of the water:

Saturday was full of driving but ended with me back at home with my guys:

All in all, it was a great week to kick back and spend time with family. I'm fortunate that we were able to all be there at once!

In waves and waking up late on vacation,

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Hilary Dow Ward said...

Love this! I just posted mine just now. Funny to click through and see yours too! Man, I LOVE going down there. What great fun! Looks like it was a good time for all!


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