Wednesday, August 28, 2013

{Life}: Elise's Nashvile Kitchen Shower.

A few weekends ago we travelled to Nashville for Elise's Couples Kitchen Shower hosted by the fabulous mother-daughter duo, Grace and Kathryn Killman. I was so excited to be able to come to this and to have Jake experience his first shower!

We got there in the afternoon in time to just chill a bit with my favorite lady friend, Luna:

The shower was at night and they had the best food. The spinach-artichoke dip... the taco cups... I'm still thinking about it. Grace's mom had a beautiful table setting (in her absolutely fabulous house). She made the burlap runner herself!

Here's Gracie with Elise:

Gracie's telling some story while Elise and Christy talk, with a Shelby bomb:

Some of the menfolk during the present opening:

More present watching:

Elise and Nate with Gracie:

Us with the bride to be:

The fancy couple... gosh we love them!

This is Jake's too cool for instagram face...

After a successful shower we went upstairs to the rec room to play Cards Against Humanity. Hilarious game...

The next day we ran some errands and hung out. Elise also did something that solidifies her best friend status... she Rain-x ed my car!

And with that, the weekend was over and we were back to Memphis.

Here's to weddings and all the fun that come with them!

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