Wednesday, September 4, 2013

{I'm Loving...}: Dorothy Art.

Back in the spring I was casually scrolling through instagram tags (a pasttime of mine) and was on the #choose901 tag to see if there were any fun Memphis things to add and I saw a portrait of my church, Calvary Episcopal. I was instantly in love and followed the user to see what the art was - turns out it was Dorothy Collier's Dorothy Art.

I immediately went to her etsy shop and ordered my own version of Calvary:

Dorothy does lots of different art pieces, including commissioned churches of all sizes using wedding programs or hymns in the background. She also specializes in a "southern" focus - here are my favorites:

I was so pleased with our portrait of Calvary that I decided to surprise my best friend with her own Calvary as she prepares to marry her sweetheart on September 21. Here's Elise with her Dorothy Art:

 Not only are Dorothy's art pieces beautiful but she is an absolute pleasure to work with! She's delightful and goes out of her way for her custom pieces. Dorothy's art can be found several places across town, including at Gild the Lily and Sheffield's Antiques. Dorothy is also featured on Front Porch Art, a fabulous website featuring Memphis artists.

So right now, Dorothy Art is what I'm loving. Go check it out yourself!

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful post about Dorothy... Love the paintings you chose! Thanks for the kind words about Front Porch Art as well :)


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