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{Local Love}: Cooper Young Festival 2013.

September is the best month ever. My birthday, college football, Cooper Young festival.. seriously, I've blogged about the CY Fest a few times before (2012, 2011, 2010) but basically there's this awesome Midtown neighborhood, Cooper Young, named for the main intersection. It is super hipster cool with restaurants, shops, and houses with tons of character. Once a year they block off the streets and have a huge street festival.

This year was particularly good with more vendors than ever. I feel like each year the quality of products sold gets better too. We ended up having to go at 12:30pm, which is prime CY time so it was ridiculously crowded - the morning is the best for shopping but oh well.

One of my favorite parts of CY is sharing the best booths on the ole b-log. Here are my picks:

These applique shirts, onesies, tea towels, and sweatshirts from The Chester Drawer were precious. Their etsy is thechesterdrawer.

Next up were these beautiful frames by Brittany's Frames. These type of frames were one of the most prolific things at the festival but Brittany's were by far the cutest and well made. Her email is

I loved the art at ARCH'd by Kristin Archer. I ended up getting a piece from them as a birthday gift from my bff Brie. There were so many fun things in this booth! Here's her etsy site:

My next choice was an artist without business cards so I don't know her name.. which isn't helpful. Except I did find her work in More Than Words in Germantown, so there's that. I loved her table trays - she also had pretty lazy susan trays as well.

Here is some of her art. There was a long and narrow three cotton piece that a girl bought right before me - it would have been mine in an instant if I had gotten to it first because I have a spot that could be filled with that size, color, and I am really digging cotton...

As we walked further we found my favorite booth to visit year after year, Kristi Bauer's art booth. We have a big painting of hers above our mantle that my mom got for us as a housewarming/birthday gift in 2009. We had been looking for something to put in the corner of the living room and it turns out Kristi had just the thing!

We bought that cute little guy but I lusted after two of her bigger pieces - the landscape behind the pear painting and the landscape hanging up. Kristi is very talented. She also owns Pinot's Palette in Sanderlin, which you should totally check out! Kristi's email is

We also went into Dorothy Collier's booth. I love her art - blogged about it here. I fell in love with the cotton field painting (I guess cotton is my thing this year).

One of my last favorites was a little more cutsey than artsy - but I loved it just the same. June Bug Design makes personalized family art as well as fun pieces like the one below. How great would this be in a kid's room? June Bug Designs is on facebook here:

After several hours of walking around we headed home. I admired my Memphis art birthday present:

And was so excited to put up our new Kristi Bauer tree painting - here it is compared to the one we already had. What a match!

Hope you found some pieces of inspiration in these various local artists from the Cooper Young Festival! Now we start the countdown to the next CY Fest, in about a year...

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